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We offer more than just local ultrasound services

After your appointment for local ultrasound services at Sono Care of East Texas, you'll want to make sure you have everything you need for your little one - including adorable outfits. Peek-A-Boutique is a preferred children's clothing boutique in the Tyler, TX area because we sell custom clothing and accessories for sizes pre-mature to 6x toddlers. Our accessories include Pacifiers, Preggie Pop Drops for morning sickness, Swaddlers, Tights, Gender Reveal, Blankets, bows, stuffed animals, Amber Teething, Kids Purses, and more! Whether you're looking for a coming home onesie or Picture Day outfit, we can help. You can even visit us for top-quality baby shower gifts.

And the best part? We have a maternity concierge on staff who can answer all of your baby-related questions. You can rely on our concierge for:

  • Prenatal tips
  • Fertility advice
  • Baby product recommendations
Make us your trusted children's clothing boutique by stopping in today.

Peek A Bootique

The Peek-A-Bootique journey started out in 12-12-12 When My Daughter Mackenzie and I decided to open a Baby Boutique in conjunction with Sono Care of East Texas. Every time I told Someone they were having a girl or a boy they wanted to go Buy something Pick or Blue. We started out on South Broadway and carried size 0-4t Clothes. After Three years our clients grew and so did we, we moved to 322 ESE loop 323 behind Cotton patch. 2018-2021 Mackenzie Started her own Clothing line Sassy little Sunflower and Dashing lil Dudes which we sold off after Covid and sized back down. We now carry preemie to size 6x in girls and size 5 In boys. We Carry brands such as Mud pie Charlies Project Trotter kids viva La fete, Good lad, Rare Edition, Rockin Royalty, Little me, Clover Cottage, Three Sisters, to name a few. We have large assortment of Gender Reveal items, Amber Necklaces, Mommie and Me robe, gown, blanket sets. Our Moto is Peekabootique Were Adorable meets Affordable.

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