Trust Us to Take
Some of Your Most Important Pictures

Rely on us for diagnostic
or pregnancy ultrasound services in Tyler, TX

Are you ready to finally see your unborn baby up close and personal? Visit Sono Care of East Texas for affordable ultrasound services. Our mother-daughter team runs a high-tech ultrasound clinic in Tyler, TX. We have the ability to show you your baby's face, expressions and movements. You'll be amazed by the detail in which we can show you your bundle of joy in utero.

Call 903-705-4633 now to schedule an appointment to get a 2D or 3D ultrasound. Make sure to ask about the specials we have going on.

We can ultrasound
areas all around your body

Soon-to-be parents aren't the only people who can benefit from ultrasound services. Diagnostic ultrasounds are crucial for examining your organ health. We can get detailed imaging of your body during:

  • General abdominal ultrasounds
  • Vascular ultrasounds
  • Renal/retroperitoneal ultrasounds
  • Thyroid ultrasounds
  • Testicular ultrasounds
  • Pelvic ultrasounds
  • Breast ultrasounds

Our pictures can help doctors identify abnormal masses or other irregularities in your body. Contact us now to book an appointment at our ultrasound clinic.

Ultrasounds are low-pressure

Does the idea of getting medical tests cause you stress? You have nothing to worry about when you get an ultrasound with us. The process is painless and non-invasive. And, you won't be exposed to any harmful radiation. If you're still not feeling at ease, know that our friendly and professional ultrasound technician will be with you every step of the way.

Dress your little
one in stylish and
comfortable outfits

We may be a go-to for local ultrasound services, but we're also known for our wide selection of children's clothing and accessories. When you visit our children's clothing boutique, Peek-A-Boutique, you'll discover:

  • Cozy pajamas
  • Stylish swimsuits
  • Unique short sets
  • Colorful hair bows
  • Adorable newborn outfits
  • Thoughtful baby shower gifts
Ready to take a peek at our selection of clothing and accessories? When you come in for local ultrasound services, be sure to stop by our children's clothing boutique. We're located right off of South Donnybrook Avenue by First Christian Church. You can also browse our selection of children's clothing on our Facebook.