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About Me

My name is Julie Wood and I am the owner of Sono Care of East Texas and Peek-A-Bootique. I graduated from Lamar university as an X-Ray Technician in 1984. I was later crossed-trained in ultrasound in 1986 at SUNY Perinatal Center of New York. From there we moved to St. Louis where I worked at Barnes Hospital. In 1996 we moved to Tyler, Texas and I took a job at East Texas Medical Center until 2001 when our 4th child was born. After my divorce I started working for Dr. Wasson OB/GYN. It was from there that I decided to open up Sono Care. Sono Care of East Texas is the only ultrasound company in town to do both!

How We Started

On 12-12-12, my daughter Mackenzie and I walked into a baby gift store and decided to open up an infant/toddler/maternity store in conjunction with Sono Care. For years, I have heard moms complain about the lack of cute maternity clothes and the high cost of kids clothes. So we opened our doors on April 1, 2013 offering to our moms trendy and cute maternity clothes and adorable baby clothes at affordable prices.

What We Do

I am a long time volunteer at the Crisis Pregnancy center. Every girl who walks through the door for a pregnancy test gets a free ultrasound. I volunteer on my lunch hour every Tuesday and perform free ultrasounds on over 12 girls a day. So many of the girls are truly in a crisis situation and are considering abortion as their way out. There is no greater joy than to show a mother the precious gift inside of them growing. I know in my heart that this ministry has saved many lives and has helped moms bond with their babies which leads them to start taking better care of themselves. This is something near and dear to my heart.

My Family

As the mother of 4 children, Mackenzie, Kendall, Quinton, and Logan; and a step-mother of two, Alexandrea and Clay Wood; and finally being the host mother of 13 exchange students over the last 14 years, I can say with certainty that there is no greater joy than watching mothers and fathers see their unborn baby for the 1st time in 3D/4D picture quality. I cannot tell you how many times I have been moved to tears with the miracle of life that grows within. I love doing OB ultrasound and I am so blessed to have a career I am passionate about!

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